8:50 am
9:00 am

Understanding the changing role of in-house counsel

Organisations are facing unprecedented disruption and the role of the in-house counsel is essential for the growth and sustainability of the business. How is the role of the in-house counsel shifting to support the business? How have recent events created new opportunities as well as challenges to the in-house counsel? 

  • How have duties and responsibilities evolved in the new normal? 
  • What lessons have we learned to prepare for future crises?  
  • How are in-house departments adapting to the growth and rebuild of the business?
  • How to build agility and resilience in the legal department

Hayley Cassidy

Chief General Counsel, Bank of New Zealand

9:40 am

PANEL: Examining recent trends in extraterritorial issues

From Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to Modern Slavery, the in-house counsel’s role can span across different jurisdictions. This session will discuss some of the key legal trends and challenges relating to extraterritorial jurisdictions.  

  • Remaining compliant and upholding ethics for the GDPR 
  • Recent trends in the acceleration of ESG regulation and how it affects risks and opportunities
  • Reviewing developments in Modern Slavery laws in NZ and the potential implications for in-house counsel 


Helen Mackay

Director, Juno Legal


Jono Willis

General Counsel - Lion New Zealand & Little World Beverages, Lion

Dr. Maria Pozza

Senior Legal Counsel, New Zealand Post

Natalie Bryant

General Counsel, Sharesies

11:40 am

Leveraging your technology resources to work better for you and your team

Now more than ever before, technology has proven its ability to support legal operations, creating more opportunities for strategic tasks and improving operational efficiency. Legal innovation has become essential to remain competitive in this environment. This session will discuss legal innovation trends, current challenges, and leveraging technology to deliver effectively as in-house counsel.  

  • Examples of successful legal tech implementation  
  • Identifying opportunities for tech investment to alleviate workloads 
  • How to determine technology that is truly fit for purpose 
  • Emerging legal tech trends including artificial intelligence and machine learning, chatbots, and process automation 

Julian Benefield

Associate General Counsel, Foodstuffs

12:20 pm
1:20 pm

PANEL: Creating a strong culture of compliance across the business

Ethics goes beyond compliance and ESG and in-house counsel are involved in driving this cultural change. How can in-house counsel develop an ethical culture across the organisation? This session will discuss strategies to uphold integrity and a culture of compliance beyond checklists. 

  • Approaches to improve professional ethics through training and guidance 
  • Aligning and communicating compliance priorities to the overall business strategy 
  • Strategies to promote an open and accountable culture


Helen Mackay

Director, Juno Legal


Malcolm Swan

General Counsel, McDonald's

Kirstin Jones

Head of Legal, Sky TV

Olivia Meo-Groser

General Counsel and Head of Operational Risk & Compliance, humm Group

Allison Whitney

General Counsel, New Zealand Media & Entertainment

2:20 pm

Risk management strategies for in-house counsel

In-house counsel are at the forefront of an organisation’s risk management programs. With a greater focus on managing risk in today’s disruptive environment, the legal team must anticipate and mitigate emerging risks while adapting to recent government regulations and the expected increase in litigation. This session will discuss how to be a strategic risk manager across multiple departments and functions of the organisation. 

  • How to effectively align the services of in-house counsel with the organisation’s risk tolerance 
  • Understanding the current and emerging risks and concerns of colleagues and leaders across the organisation 
  • Creating risk management strategies, standards, and practices for day-to-day services and advice 

Katie Bhreatnach

General Counsel and GM Customer Engagement, Airways New Zealand

3:20 pm

Data protection and privacy

With data protection and privacy continuing to dominate international headlines, what is the role of the NZ in-house counsel in achieving and maintaining compliance (both domestically and abroad), and what is best practice when navigating such a complex environment? 

  • Challenges with compliance, including the NZ Privacy Act 
  • Examining future trends in information governance and privacy reform 
  • Risk mitigation and incident response 

Hayden Mazengarb

General Counsel & Company Secretary, Vend by Lightspeed and Founder, Matterly

4:00 pm

PANEL: Future implications of recent anti-trust, competition, and contract law updates

There have been notable recent updates such as the outcome of the Bathurst case, cartel criminalisation, and Covid-19 impacts on shipping. This session will examine recent developments to understand how to remain compliant and mitigate risks in key business areas. 

  • Lessons from the Bathurst judgment on contractual interpretation: Bathurst Resources Ltd v L & M Coal Holdings Ltd [2021] 
  • Understanding changes to the Commerce (Criminalisation of Cartels) Amendment Act and its potential business impact 
  • Examining Covid-19’s impacts on shipping – things to consider in your logistics and shipping contracts 


Helen Mackay

Director, Juno Legal


Kirsten Massey

Partner, Russell McVeagh

Anna Ryan

Partner, Lane Neave

4:45 pm
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